Laptop view of the NetBenefit Engagement Software.


We’ve spoken to hundreds of professionals about stakeholder engagement and seen dozens of spreadsheets. We always hear the same problems: consolidation is difficult, data points don’t relate to one another, and accurate reporting is nearly impossible.

These issues don’t happen because of a poor engagement strategy, they are the result of the wrong tool being used for the job. Spreadsheets were designed to handle numbersnot inter-related engagement data like contact details, groups, issues, follow-up actions, or meeting minutes.

When you dig deeper, it’s no wonder that organizations that are using spreadsheets struggle to answer questions on specific issues, generate reports, or find new areas of opportunity. Just like you wouldn’t use a square peg in a round hole, using spreadsheets to manage engagement just doesn’t make sense.

What’s the solution?

The solution is simple. Use a tool that is designed to efficiently track and report on stakeholder engagement. For example, The NetBenefit Platform includes our Stakeholder Engagement Module that streamlines data collection and logically links data together. Users can understand the history of engagement, navigate through issues, and easily locate related actions. A tool designed for stakeholder engagement makes the entire management process simple and efficient.

Managing Inputs 

The right tool starts by collecting data accurately and efficiently. Automated email logging, intuitive entry forms, and upload tools, ensure all engagement information is being collected.

We go one step further with our Stakeholder Engagement Module. Not only is the data consolidated, but similar items are grouped together. This allows you to track key insights such as stakeholder sentiment and assign action items that are supported with real-time notifications.


Overview of the data linking together in the Stakeholder Engagement Module Management System.


Turn Inputs into Reports

Without linking data together, comprehensive reporting is unattainable. Access to accurate, on-demand reporting can help mitigate risk and identify opportunities. It’s important to use a tool that offers flexible, real-time reporting to keep you informed when making decisions. Turn data points into quality visuals that report on key drivers such as interactions, sentiment, issues, and actions.


Don’t Use a Square Peg in a Round Hole

Using the right tool to manage your stakeholder and rightsholder engagement will transform your engagement program. Your process will become efficient, your reports will be more accurate, and you will develop stronger relationships. Once you’ve used our Stakeholder Engagement Module, you wouldn’t believe that you managed your engagement any other way.


  • Ena Nikolic wears many different hats at NetBenefit Software. She partners with clients on marketing, sales, and consulting initiatives. Ena is passionate about change management and ensuring software implementations run smoothly. When not working with clients, you can often find Ena walking her dog by the ocean near her east coast home.