The NetBenefit Platform

Our cloud-based management system gives you the power to manage your stakeholder relationships and track the socioeconomic impact of your operations.

Indigenous, Local Content & Community Benefits

Win-win agreements are the cornerstone of a successful project. Ensuring equal partnerships by tracking jobs, investments, and opportunities through the entire value chain is complex but critical.

ESG Focus

The focus on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) performance is increasing globally. To stay ahead, industry-leading companies are measuring and improving the socio-economic impact of their operations.

Diversity and Equity

Focusing on diversity and equity in the supply chain has a systemic impact on equity in employment and diversity of ownership. Tracking metrics on supply chain diversity is easier than you think.

The NetBenefit Modules

Benefits Tracking

The Benefits Tracking module allows users to easily track project benefits throughout the entire value chain.

Secure third-party access allows contractors and sub-contractors to safely enter their own data to provide a complete picture of project benefits.

Commitments Monitoring

The Commitments Monitoring module allows users to
track all commitments made throughout a project’s lifecycle. 

Efficiently and proactively monitor task management, reporting, and accountability to ensure that commitments are being met.

Stakeholder Consultation

The Stakeholder Consultation module allows organizations to log and maintain accurate stakeholder records.

This includes contact information, interaction history, and additional metrics that help build transparent and trusting relationships with stakeholders.

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Successful Projects


More than 1200 documented commitments were made to Innu, Inuit, Government, and other project stakeholders during the development of the Voisey’s Bay project in Northern Labrador. NetBenefit software simplified the labor-intensive task of ensuring local benefits were being captured accurately. This allowed us to report key measures efficiently and cost-effectively.

Tom Paddon

I have been working with NetBenefit in the oil and gas industry for 8 years on a variety of projects, and the team is second to none. The team at NetBenefit are excellent communicators, provide timely responses to inquiries, and work hard to accommodate their clients’ unique needs without hesitation. I would highly recommend NetBenefit for socio-economic data collection, monitoring, and reporting. Not only is the team a pleasure to work with, but their applications are easy to use and very intuitive. You will not regret working with NetBenefit!

Kristina Ennis

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