NetBenefit Software (formally SCI Resource Software Inc.), a provider of socio-economic impact tracking software, has announced the launch of its new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform. The new NetBenefit platform allows organizations to track socio-economic metrics such as employment, expenditures, diversity indicators, and community investment through the entire value chain of their operations. The detailed tracking of socio-economic impacts is critical for projects with multiple stakeholders, suppliers, and contractors. Accurate visibility of project impacts is necessary to meet regulatory requirements, maintain an organization’s positive standing, and ensure that all stakeholders are receiving project benefits.

The new NetBenefit platform was built by combining industry-leading experience with industry-leading SaaS technology. The platform is a scalable solution that can be expanded to cover additional requirements in the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) space. This foundation will help organizations build stronger relationships between industry, government, and community through successful and just operations.

“It’s exciting to see the subject matter expertise that we’ve developed over the last 15 years integrated into the new platform. The response from our current clients and the market has been incredibly positive,” said Carl Sheppard, President and co-founder. “The timing of the release is ideal as the demand for transparency and equal partnerships in the resource sector continue to increase.”

“Indigenous reconciliation, increased diversity, community building, and equal opportunity should be at the forefront of a company’s ESG strategy,” said Matt Adams, CEO. “The best thing about the platform is that we can continuously scale it to provide additional value to customers. Today’s platform launch is just the beginning of an ecosystem that manages a broad set of ESG requirements.”



About NetBenefit Software

NetBenefit Software (formally SCI Resource Software) is a software company operating in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. Over the last 16 years, the company has tracked benefits for over 20 major projects which included processing data for over $100 billion of spend, 255 million person-hours of work, and 18,000 individual companies.

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