Engagement & Relations Module

We’ve combined best practices with software features to maximize the effectiveness of your engagement program. Cut time spent on administrative tasks and focus on building strong partnerships.

The Engagement & Relations Module is designed as a turn-key solution that increases the efficiency and effectiveness of your engagement with stakeholders and rightsholders. Our framework ensures compliance, high user adoption, and reporting accuracy. Key functionalities that drive success include:

Consolidation & Collaboration

Access team information in a single, secure cloud-based system. Communications, Contacts, Groups, Grievances, & Issues are all linked together.

Data Collection

Log engagement with automated email logging, smart tokens, and auto-fill logic to spend less time typing and more time investing in your project and relationships.

Task Management

Drive accountability with full task management functionality. Email and in-app notifications provide proactive and reactive messages to ensure important actions don’t get missed.

Reporting & Analytics

Use industry-leading reporting capabilities to identify trends early and benchmark results. Interact and modify reports live, or create new reports on the fly to make better decisions.

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All modules on the NetBenefit Platform work together to provide full project transparency.

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