Benefits Tracking Module

Accurately tracking the benefits delivered to rightsholders and stakeholders during operations is critical for long-term success.

Benefits include:

  • Employment
  • Payments
  • Training Delivered
  • Business Opportunities
  • Supplier Diversity
  • Community Investment

The Benefits Tracking Module provides a proven framework to quantify benefits throughout the entire value chain of a project. 

With accurate and complete socio-economic data, organizations can ensure inclusive operations, communicate with stakeholders effectively, and secure their social license to operate.

Volume, Speed & Quality of Data

Efficiently collect data with automated data entry, standardized upload capability, and easy-to-use forms. With data validation, entry errors are flagged and corrected before they are submitted. Built-in workflow simplifies any required data verification.

Third Party Access & Notifications

Save thousands of administrative hours by collecting data directly from the source. Securely provide access to third parties, such as contractors and subcontractors, for direct data entry. Automated notifications remind users when entries are due for timely data collection.

Proven Success

NetBenefit Software has tracked millions of data points on projects since 2005. The data framework has evolved over time to include proven best practices for tracking Indigenous, diverse, and local benefits throughout the entire value chain of an operation.

Say good-bye to your spreadsheets. It’s time to elevate your reporting capabilities.

All modules on the NetBenefit Platform work together to provide full project transparency.

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