The NetBenefit Platform

Use the latest technology to manage the impact of your operations.

Create win-win relationships by engaging with stakeholders and rightsholders, monitoring commitments, and tracking key metrics all the way through the value chain. NetBenefit Software provides a framework to ensure success across all socio-economic aspects of your project. This includes social license to operate and critical ESG factors.

Our Solutions

Our solutions provide organizations with direct visibility into the socio-economic impact of their operations. Each module is designed with subject matter expertise to tackle your specific business problems. All modules share powerful collaboration and reporting capabilities to consolidate the data required to make informed decisions.

User Focused

The platform is designed with user adoption in mind. We keep page views simple, user actions are straightforward, and we ensure our software is well-documented.

Insight Driven

Increased visibility into analytics drives better decision-making. We structure data in a way that delivers tailored insights to users through alerts, notifications, and reporting tools.


Productivity Tools

Reduce compliance-admin time with powerful productivity tools. These tools include automated data entry and linking, task management, workflow, and configuration capabilities.


The platform is created as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution from the bottom–up. The tools and features available evolve with the advance of technology.


Our Modules

Stakeholder Engagement Module Icon

Engagement & Relations Module

The Engagement & Relations Module allows organizations to manage all stakeholder and rightsholder relationships efficiently. This includes accurately recording all communications, contact information, group details, grievances, and other required compliance data.



Commitments Monitoring Module Icon

Commitments Monitoring Module

 The Commitments Monitoring Module allows users to proactively track all commitments made throughout a project’s lifecycle. Link specific commitments to interested parties, legal agreements, deadlines and an individual responsible for its delivery. Log actions and communications about specific commitments and agreements over time.

Benefits Tracking Module Icon

Benefits Tracking Module

The Benefits Tracking Module allows organizations to efficiently collect benefit data throughout the entire value chain of an operation. Use third party access for contractors and subcontractors to safety enter their own data. Using a standard framework to collect data straight from the source, provides full visibility into metrics such as employment, spending, training, and local content.

All modules work together, share key information, and optimize reporting capabilities. 

NetBenefit Platform Module Relationship Flow

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