Commitment Monitoring Module

Deliver on promises and ensure that important actions aren’t missed. 

Types of Commitments Tracked

  • Indigenous Benefits Agreements
  • Community Benefit Agreements
  • Local and Diverse Requirements 
  • Permits, Environmental Assessments, and Other Regulatory Requirements

The Commitment Monitoring Module provides full visibility of your performance against obligations made to stakeholders and rightsholders

The module uses a simple structure to organize agreements, commitments, and actions to make sure that nothing falls through the cracks. Each action has an owner to establish accountability and automated notifications keep users on schedule.

Consolidation & Collaboration

Stay organized and productive with a centralized space for team members to collaborate. Core elements such as actions, commitment sources, groups, and contacts are all linked together.

Action & Task Management

Reduce missed deadlines and admin work with full task management. This includes the ability to drive actions from individual commitments, notifications, flexible scheduling, and more.


Create value and trust by keeping promises. Assigning accountability for individual commitments, and delegating actions, keeps you organized, efficient, and reliable.

Reporting & Analytics

Stay on-top of your progress with on- demand reports. Reports can integrate with third-party systems and be exported in a variety of different formats. All reports are 100% configurable with the ability to add, edit, and modify visuals.

Say good-bye to your spreadsheets.

All NetBenefit modules work together to provide full project transparency.

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