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Stakeholder Engagement Module Icon

Stakeholder Engagement Module

The Engagement & Relations Module allows organizations to manage all stakeholder and rightsholder relationships efficiently. This includes accurately recording all communications, contact information, group details, grievances, and other required compliance data.

Commitments Monitoring Module Icon

Commitments Monitoring Module

 The Commitments Monitoring Module allows users to proactively track all commitments made throughout a project’s lifecycle. Link specific commitments to interested parties, legal agreements, deadlines and an individual responsible for its delivery. Log actions and communications about specific commitments and agreements over time.

Benefits Tracking Module Icon

Benefits Tracking Module

The Benefits Tracking Module allows users to efficiently collect data and standardize frameworks. Use secure third-party access for contractors and sub-contractors to safely enter their own data to provide a complete picture of project impacts. Gain insights into key metrics such as employment and spending.