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Kick-Start Your Engagement Log (with Excel Template & Tips)

Keeping poor engagement records can be just as bad as not engaging at all. It can make or break your project. Regardless of size, most organizations understand that strong engagement with stakeholders and rightsholders is crucial for long-term success. Effectively logging these communications can...

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Local Content Strategies – Not As Far Away As You Think

 Local procurement is one of the most overlooked opportunities for companies to strengthen their operations. Organizations have an opportunity to secure their social-license-to-operate and make a more positive impact on the world by embracing local procurement strategies. Local procurement refers...

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Engaging for the Right Reasons

This October, I had an opportunity to head out to Vancouver and meet our west coast clients. Taking a step back and learning from our users is an important part of our culture of continuous improvement. Our team spends time in the weeds – poring over the little things and trying to perfect the...

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Why the “War on ESG” is a Good Thing

Over the last decade, the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) conversation has moved from fringe investment forums, to boardrooms, to dinner tables. Although the topic is now mainstream, ESG practices are far from mature. This lack of maturity was exemplified this spring when the S&P...

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